Marketing Morsels

Creating a Successful Alumni Engagement Strategy: Messaging

Schools without an effective alumni engagement strategy are wasting a golden opportunity.  A school's alumni are ready-made brand ambassadors, who are uniquely suited to extol the virtues of their alma mater. From recruitment to fundraising to mentoring, their role and potential impact must not be ignored. 

It's Not The Camera, It's Me

We are in the age of technology.  Anything and everything can be simplified, automated, hacked...choose whatever mot du jour you like but it has created a very dangerous precedent in business.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting things done more efficiently. If there's a better way to do something, I'm all ears.  But it can't replace experience or skill.

The 3D Studios Manifesto: To Build A Brand

What Is Your Story?

To bring your vision to life takes focus, dedication and above all communication. If you're not singing our praises then we have not done our job.

The Key to The Client Engagement Process? Customer Research

Who is your target customer?  The business landscape is decidedly different than it was when I started my business 20+ years ago.  There are more businesses competing for the same space - there's more noise and attention spans are much shorter.  This means you have to be more creative and more dedicated to your marketing efforts.  Businesses who put their marketing on the back burner are destined to be relegated to the annals of history as failed experiments.