Marketing Morsels

Look Who's Joining The 3D Team!

We are excited to announce a number of new member to the 3D Team. It's been a busy year for 3D Studios and we are pleased to welcome a host of new talent to the 3D roster.  Please give them a warm welcome!

Leeza Walkes - web development

Leeza Walkes is our Wordpress developer extraordinarie. Trained in web design and graphic arts, Leeza has over 5 years experience in practical web design & front-end development. We are excited to have her join the 3D Team.  Leeza is working with 3D Clients to help them reach their full potential with their web presence. In conjunction with new services offerings that we will be announcing soon, she will be a welcome support system to help you navigate the complicated waters of seo and social media management. 


Chelsea Girton - Graphic Design

Please welcome Chelsea Girton our newest graphic designer to the 3D Family. Chelsea graduated from SUNY New Paltz and went on to receive a vocational certificate from the D.A.V.E School in Orlando, Florida. Chelsea has experience in both the advertising and entertainment fields and brings this well-rounded background to her work. Chelsea is working hard to create your brand image and will work in conjunction with other staff to provide you with a comprehensive branding strategy. Welcome to the team!

Flaky is Only Good For Biscuits

If you've been in business for a while, it's very likely that you've had clients ask "Can you recommend a place that...?"  When this happens, how do you handle it?  How seriously do you take this question?