Marketing Morsels

Inbound Vs. Outbound Marketing

There are two basic types of marketing – inbound and outbound. The focus of each is different and they involve different strategies and techniques.

Alliance Marketing For The Small Business

What is Alliance Marketing?

The latest in the Marketing Bullhorn series, today we're going to examine Alliance Marketing - the process of joining two or more organizations for the purpose of sharing marketing strategy, promoting concepts, services or products. Basically, alliance marketing can apply to any business as long as it finds an organization that has a mutual goal.*

Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Next up in the Marketing Bullhorn Series is Trade Show Marketing

Planning for a trade show doesn’t start a month in advance. To execute it properly, it should take anywhere from six months to a year of planning. Your trade show marketing strategy and messaging needs to relate back to your business goals. It's no simple task, and not every trade show is the same.

Components of a Direct Mail Campaign

Direct Mail is one of many marketing devices you can use to promote your business. To run a successful campaign you need to follow some very simple rules.